As licenced travel advisors with Centre Holidays, based in Oakville, Ontario, we can provide you with the expert advice and personalized service you deserve. We serve many unique customer groups by pursuing a multi-specialty travel focus.

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Business Name

Manta Ray Travel

Travel Advisors

Gawri & Eugen Manecuta

Based In

Oakville, ON

Services Offered In


Our agency has been started from our desire to share the wonders of this world with as many people as possible. Years ago we came to Canada from Europe and Asia, bringing with us a wealth of knowledge about these "far away" places. Once we've set base in this amazing country, we had the privilege of experiencing the beauty of North America, while keeping in touch with our friends around the world.

Years of travelling have enabled us to gain expertise in organizing cost effective, yet complex, fun and relaxing trips around the world. This expertise allowed us to also help our friends with planning and booking advise for their trips. It is under these circumstances that a friend asked us point blank, "Why don't you open your travel agency, as you're so much better than any agency I've ever dealt with? You know so much about the world and about travelling. I would gladly pay you to plan and book all my vacations." A couple of years later, here we are, ready to help everyone achieve their travelling and vacation goals in an easy way.

Centre Holidays

In order to be the best at what we do we've chosen to partner with Centre Holidays and their great suppliers and travel agent networks. Together we are able to support you with all your travel needs.

Our Corporate Customer Service Objectives

  • To be extraordinary and different. We help you travel anywhere in the world - the way you want to.
  • Take the stress out of our customers' vacations. We will plan and book your trips with minimum effort on your part.
  • Care for our clients throughout their journeys. We will always do our best to ensure you travel in peace and comfort.

What We Offer

No matter where in the world you are located, we can help you with your travel needs. We can help you with anything - from booking plane tickets and hotel rooms, to getting you on a cruise, or finding the most fitting vacation packages and organized tours. We offer convenience, peace of mind and countless vacation ideas.

Engage Us Early

We always advise our customers to first contact us over e-mail or the website and explain what they are looking for, in detail or call us. Let us know your trip preferences, your likes and dislikes and especially what makes you happy. For example - are you all about just relaxing on the beach, or do you prefer to go out and experience the local culture? Are you a foodie? Are you interested in art? What about nature? Are you into adventure and high adrenaline activities? Let us know. Such approach will help us find the best vacation options for you. We can arrange anything from a complex vacation to a non-stop plane ride to back home. By the way - we love nature. culture, people and are foodies ourselves...

Why Manta Ray?

Manta rays are stingrays' largest cousins, with the same species reaching a wingspan of over 7m (25ft).

Unlike stingrays, these creatures are harmless - as they don't have a stinger nor teeth, feeding solely on plankton. Most of them are real globetrotters, travelling hundreds of miles, normally in groups. These majestic fish are surely one of the oceans' wonders.

We felt it was only right to name our travel agency "Manta Ray" as this animals' qualities resonate with our customer service objectives.

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